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Viu Calibrate

Screenshot of Viu Calibrate

Introducing Viu Calibrate, created in partnership with Van der Stahl Scientific, Inc for Van der Stahl’s original line of sealing and test equipment. Viu is a powerful, quick and intuitive program for grabbing data from an ever-growing list of devices such as thermometers, multimeters, packaging machines and force gauges.

Viu offers advanced, yet easy-to-use reporting functions to help present data in a way that is clear and attractive. You can specify any number of user-editable or automatically data-updated fields.

With a graph that color, and datapoint shape-codes data, along with optional peak and trough highlighting, Viu will make your data easier to read and understand than ever, making the task of calibration and machine maintenance quicker and less error-prone than ever before.

Portability and Compatibility

Running on Windows, Linux and macOS, Viu will be there for you whatever platform choices you make in the future. Viu can export data to Microsoft® Excel (Office 2007 xml or newer and older supported) or Open Document Spreadsheet formats, making both compatibility and the extensibility of xml available to you.

Want to Resell Viu Calibrate?

Viu Calibrate is an affordable yet powerful and versatile package for communicating with machines. Viu was made from the ground up for instrument manufacturers. Have your own IT staff create a plugin for your instrument or let us make it for you. Contact us now for more information on our power reseller program.


To access frequently asked questions, please see support for Viu Calibrate or feel free to contact us.