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Grig Open Source Audio Framework

Grig mascot

Grig is an open source (MIT-licensed) audio framework based on the haxe programming language. It is in the early stages of development but is already used by a number of projects, from visualizations for music videos to controller scripts for DAWs and synthesizers.

Haxe is a general purpose, cross-platform language that compiles or transpiles to a number of different targets, including javascript, the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and C#. It is beloved by many game developers as well as web developers for its flexibility and diversity. Grig adds to this language, as well as languages it targets, a strong foundation needed for pro audio such as real-time audio callbacks, a complete Open Sound Control (OSC) implementation and abstractions for DAW controller scripts.

Grig adds missing features to the Haxe programming language and the many game engines based on it, such as HaxeFlixel and Heaps and can target environments ranging from the desktop, to plugins, to the browser. If you would like to sponsor development of have feature requests, please contact us.