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Support - Anglo-Saxon Futhorc Keyboard

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Instructions to use keyboard:

  1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard
  2. Tap on Keyboards > Add New Keyboard
  3. Select Anglo Saxon Futhorc Keyboard
  4. You can now switch to Futhorc with

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We chose Anglo-Saxon Futhorc because it has the most extensive set of characters of all the runic alphabets. It's not a perfect superset, however, so a few of the runes are different from the futhark versions. Many words could be written the same in futhark or futhorc but some will not work. We may create a separate futhark keyboard in the future if people are interested in that.

This keyboard makes use of the runic range of unicode, rather than using a special font that might not be universal. As such, many older computers and phones do not support the runes. For desktop systems, it is possible to install fonts to add support. See this website for links to some such fonts.

Germanic runes are a distant relative of the Roman alphabet we use for modern English and many other languages, however it works differently than modern English. The spelling was usually more phonetic. And it was made for an extinct predecessor to modern English, Old English. We include some recommendations on the product page on some good ways to type modern English with Old English runes.

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