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Partner with developers who believe that software should improve with time and respond to new challenges. Grow, Adapt and Evolve with Osaka Red, LLC.

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“Osaka Red, LLC gave us just the web presence we needed to grow our organization and their turn-around time was quick!”
“Our VIU Calibrate Suite, [Osaka Red] has made with us gives our equipment an edge in meeting, no, exceeding customers' expectations.”

What Does Osaka Red, LLC Do?

We create and customize software. Our emphases are on science, industry and education. We do also offer software for hire. See services for more details. Thanks for visiting our site. Should you have further questions about our offerings or requests for quotes on custom software, please contact us and expect a reply within 24 hours during business days.

Latest News: - an Innovative Tool For Intermediate to Advanced Japanese Learners

In a market crowded with websites targeted at absolute beginners and books that stop at conversational Japanese, proves a unique and powerful tool in the Japanese learner's toolkit by teaching most used words.
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VIU Calibrate

Created in partnership with Van der Stähl Scientific, Inc., VIU Calibrate is a powerful, quick and intuitive program for grabbing data from an ever-growing list of devices such as thermometers, multimeters, packaging machines and force gauges. VIU offers advanced, yet easy-to-use reporting functions to help present data in a way that is clear and attractive.

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